Meme on!

We’re a bunch of people who were fed up with how traditional social media works, which ultimately led to us creating a completely different approach that we like to call: Interactive Media.

It basically allows you to directly interact with the platform itself and set your focus on your own account’s progress and your meme rewards as you rise in the ranks of meme deities.


We Have a Dream

We dream of a decentralized network that does not store your personal information and sell it off to corporations to make more money. Our vision is to offer the ultimate alternative that would hopefully provide enough incentive for developers and entrepreneurs to take the same approach towards how social media can become, and what it could offer to the world.

Apparently Pete couldn’t keep up with our features. ;-;

Our Core Features


Interactive Platform

Customizable Interface

Meme Communities

Full Anonymity

Planes of Existence

Meme Categories

Full Control of Privacy



Check out our Tokenomics post on Medium (regularly updated):

Partners In Crime

Let’s hang out!

Memers can be gamers.

We’d love to have you around on our Discord server, where you can hang out with MU’s team, participate in our meme contests, and even play video games with us!

Fun fact: Domi is the impostor, and she’ll kill us all.

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