The World’s First Decentralized Social Network Based On The Blockchain -
For Memes! (WE ALSO Make Nfts)

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About Us

We’re a bunch of lunatic who managed to raise around $1,000,000 to build the world’s first decentralized social network for memes on the BLOCKCHAIN! But not just that. We have a lot of goals and dreams, and our biggest crypto dream is interoperability.

Starting with our own marketplace, and following up with a wallet, in-house staking, and many crypto ventures, the sky is the limit for us at MU! Make sure to tune in.


Our Products


Citadel is our very first product at MU, but it’s also unique, as it has multi-chain support, currently supporting ETH and BSC, and we’ll keep adding networks as we go, as we want it to be the first interoperable marketplace in the world!

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Our Mission

We have one simple goal, which is to help from
multiple ends, crypto and non-crypto, by
empowering people from all over the world, and
drawing a smile on their faces.

Partners In Crime


& Updates

DEXTools x memeunity

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Patching Wounds & Rewarding HODlers

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Citadel Release Information

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